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Collection of discussions, from XSL-List

This page contains, links to few XSLT problems and solutions (which I find a bit interesting, challenging & fun to solve), pointing to the links on XSL-List archives.

1. A document up-conversion use-case, solving with XSLT 2.0

An XSL user presented a rather, usual (but surely interesting, as it finds place on this page!) XML transformation problem to XSL-List, for which XSLT language (more specially, the 2.0 version) is quite suited to solve such problems.

The description of the problem, and the solution can be found at:

This problem is an example of, a document up-conversion use-case discussed in Michael Kay's paper, which can be read from Michael's web-site, at

2. Finding nodes between other nodes

In this problem, the user is trying "to find all processing instructions that occur between the current node (which will always be a text node) and the next text node (in document order)".

Here's a link to this discussion, presenting possible solutions:



Last Updated: Apr 24, 2010